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Runa Yomozuki

so at this point, I only have seen the anime on Netflix. My question is about this character Runa Yomozuki, a cute two faced girl who is sadistic asf lmao. I really like her but there is not much info about her? like, why is she in the student council? whats her story? I don't know maybe its in the manga so does anybody else have an clarification ?
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i dont have the answer but omg the whole season i was waiting to see her story; she was so cool, and when she did her angry or scary face it gave her such an edge. + never got to hear about the woman in the mask who turned out to be the vice president as well.
can't wait for season 2!!

i loved this show but really hard to find forums or places to discuss it. what was your favorite episode ? is this your favorite anime ?
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