Boring Girl is the second chapter of Kakegurui written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Toru Naomura.



On the next school day, Yumeko greets Suzui were Suzui told Yumeko's name in a formal way, she tells him that calling her "Yumeko" is fine. Still with his thoughts about Yumeko not being ordinary, he then thanks her for paying the 5 million yen and tells her that he will pay her back, but she tells him that it is a present and that he shouldn't be worried about it. Once in the classroom, Suzui is shocked seeing Mary's desk being vandalised. Yumeko, worried, asked Saotome what it is, which Saotome responds saying to Yumeko to shut up and that it happened because she lost to her. She apologises to Saotome, and which Saotome is saying to herself that she has to make the money somehow.

Suzui is asking Yumeko to come with him to the cafetaria and tells her about the tradition of the school. Yumeko's mood changes saying that it is really better than the rumors she has heard off and that she glad that she transferred to the school. Yumeko asks Suzui which gamble is popular at school, if the original games at the school are the main and how the money recuperation works. She as well noticed that ones can bet on other things than money and to what extend they are betting and if the grades at school are influenced by gambling. Suzui is shocked that Yumeko has no fear about the tradition of this school.

Yumeko then asks about the pet structure and noticed that Suzui doesn't have a tag anymore. Suzui explains that if you pay 1 million yen as a "special donation" the tag will be removed and tells Yumeko that thanks to her he could pay for it which in turn Yumeko congratulates him. He further explains about the school that if the one has money is justice. They hear a group cheering, were they look at a table in the school cafeteria seeing a girl surrounded by a crowd playing against someone. There, Suzui says that the girl at the table is the rich representative a first year student named Itsuki Sumeragi saying that she payed a huge donation and became a member of the student council. He tells Yumeko as well that Sumeragi is the daughter of Japan's most prominent toy maker and stating that she is very rich and good at gambling as she never lost a game of Trump. Yumeko is interested in playing with Sumeragi, but Suzui is telling Yumeko that there is a strange rumor about her.

Then, Sumeragi appears in front of Yumeko and asking her to gamble with her. Sumeragi tells Yumeko that she became the eye of the hurricane after defeating Saotome in her own game on her first day at school. After Yumeko asked her for her name, the two start to gamble. Sumeragi announced that they will play the game Double Concentration.

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