Life or Death is a modified game of Dice or Roulettes created by the Traditional Culture Club that is lead by Yuriko Nishinotouin at Hyakkaou Private Academy.



The game starts with an agreed upon bet by the two players who are then given chips that are equivalent to their agreed upon bet. In Yumeko and Yuriko's case, the two bet 40 million yen and thus received 40 chips that were worth 1 million each. The players then place a secondary bet using either all of the money agreed upon originally or a fraction of it.


Ten sword pieces are placed in a cup that is then placed down onto a board that is numbered from 1 to 30. The players then have 10 seconds to place their bets using the chips they have by either dividing them up into separate groups to place on differing numbers or by placing all of their chips on a single number. The dealer then lifts the cup up revealing the position of the swords. If a sword is seen facing upward in a number, the player gets "life" meaning that the total number of chips that were bet on that single number gets multiplied by 30. If the sword is facing downward, the player gets "death" which causes them to lose the chips they bet on that number that is then multiplied by 30 as well. Before the game begins, both players must agree on the amount of chips that are going to be used for the bet. If either player places a bet on a single number that doesn't show up then the players gain 0 chips, the differences between their balances is settled and the game is over.


The dealer has a piercing in their hand that allows them to, some degree, to manipulate the position of the swords by sliding their hands along the outside of the cup. This trickery however isn't guaranteed to give any player an advantage as the dealer can't fully manipulate the sword(s) into the slot they want and there may already be a sword in the slot.