Midari Ikishima is a supporting character in Kakegurui. She is a third-year student at Hyakkaou Private Academy and the president of the Beautification Council. She is also a member of the Student Council.


Midari has pale skin, short black hair styled in a concave-cut and extremely tiny pupil(s). In the anime, close-up shots of her eye indicate her eye colour to be yellow-green while in the manga they are coloured to be purple. She wears a rarely seen variation of the Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform; a sweater vest in the same colours as the school's black and red blazer, a white button up dress shirt and a dark pleated skirt, and black socks. She wears the academy's issued footwear, brown colored loafers with black soles. She also sports purple lipstick and has purple painted fingernails. She forgoes the black tie, and has on accessories such as a purple hairband with a heart-patterned bow attached, and purple wristcuffs with stripes on either one. She has bandages wrapped on either forearm and wears a white medical eyepatch over her left eye. She is also shown to have two piercings under her mouth, on the left side, one piercing on either ear, and a tongue piercing.


Midari Ikishima is a character with masochistic and suicidal tendencies. She is shown to be very persistent and overbearing, intimidating or weirding out other students. She is also very impulsive and has little self-restraint, causing her to look more at immediate gratification than any long-term consequences.

Midari is a very selfish and narrow-minded character, rarely caring for others' thoughts or wellbeing. She assumes that her mindset is the norm.

She is never concerned with money when gambling, carelessly betting large sums with no worries about potential debt. She does not even clearly remember nor clarify before gambling how much money she owns. Instead, she says she seeks out the risk of being harmed.


Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler



  • In the spinoff manga Kakegurui (Kari), Midari is revealed to love animals.
    • In the same chapter she is also revealed to be 'super sweet' in a romantic relationship.

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