Saori is a supporting character in Kakegurui. She is the manager of the Student Council's Head of Public Relations, Yumemi Yumemite.


Saori is a slim teenage girl with long brown hair styled in a pony-tail with the pony-tail going over her right shoulder. She has green eye and wears eye glasses. She wears the Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform; a red blazer with black trim lining the cuffs, a white button up dress shirt with a tie, a dark pleated skirt that goes down to her knees, and black dress socks. As well as the academy's issued footwear, brown colored loafers with black soles.


She comes off as your timid honors student. She works by a schedule and is extremely loyal to Yumemi to the point that she tries to bribe Yumeko with 50,000,000 yen so that Yumeko doesn't expose Yumemi for being a two-faced arrogant girl that hates her fans.


Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

Saori is first introduced when Yumemi is in the restroom washing her mouth and hands after talking with the president of her fan club. Knowing that Yumemi hated her fans, Saori recommended that they leave if she was feeling uncomfortable about what she was doing. Yumemi declines saying that she must get to know her fans on a personal so that she will have support from die-hard fans.