Tempting Woman is the sixth episode of the Kakegurui animated series.


Yumeko and Ryota are taken by Student Council member and Beatification Committee chair Midari Ikishima and are roped into playing an ESP card game involving Russian Roulette. Meanwhile, Mary is invited to join the Student Council by the Student Council president Kirari herself.


The episode begins with Mary washing her face in the restroom when three of her classmates reluctantly congratulated her for being able to pay off her debt. They then apologize for what they did hoping that Mary doesn't hold a grudge against. Mary shrugs it off saying that's water under the bridge and invites them out sometime.

After leaving the restroom, she bumps into Ryota as Ryota knows for a fact that she's gonna hold a grudge. Mary then tells Ryota that she'll never forgive the student council for what they did to her but immediately changes the subject talks about how Yumeko hasn't paid back the debt even though she won a lot of money from the Debt Settlement. She then grills Ryota to see if he knows what Yumeko is planning, and all that Ryota knows is that she plans to gamble with the president. Yumeko then shows up and tells Mary that she doesn't deserve the money that they won at the Debt Settlement. Mary then tells her that she doesn't want the money and tells her to keep the money because she doesn't want to owe her anything.

The scene then cuts to the student council minus Itsuki and Kirari where they start discussing Yumeko and how she hasn't paid off her debt yet even though she has an immense amount of funds in her personal bank account. They go into her family history how both her parents are dead and her only next of kin is an older sister that's in the hospital with Yumeko paying for all the expenses. Yuriko then questions why Yumeko hasn't paid off her debt even though she can easily do that. Runa then mentions that Yumeko plans to challenge Kirari to an official gambling match. Midari then jumps out of her set when learning this. Believing that Yumeko will lose miserably, Midari loses it and runs off shouting out that Yumeko belongs to her.

Later that day, Yumeko goes to Ryota relieved that class is over and that she was having a hard time concentrating. Ryota asks if she's talking about the official match warning her that she should be more prepared, Yumeko tells him not to worry because she's been prepared for a long time. Thinking back to when Yumeko lost to her in Episode 3, Ryota wonders why she's so psyched up to face the president again. Knowing that he won't be able to convince her otherwise, Ryota unwillingly decides to take Yumeko to the student council room. Mary watches them walk away thinking about the official match between them and then her classmates who were scared of her earlier invite her to walk home with them. She then starts thinking about how much she hates how the student council is controlling the students until she's interrupted by the student council president Kirari herself and invites her to have tea with her. Meanwhile, Ryota and Yumeko are interrupted by Midari.

Yumeko remembers her and thanks her for saving them in Episode 4. Midari reminds her of the 310 million yen she hasn't paid back and decides to "arrest" her and take Ryota with her as well. They were dragged into an interrogation in the basement of the school, and Midari tells Yumeko that she won't be challenging the president but if she's serious about it, then she should challenge her beforehand. Yumeko agrees and then asks what game they will be playing. Figuring that Yumeko would say that, Midari then goes on how they're alike calling her a pervert that gets excited from gambling leading to Yumeko getting embarrassed and denying that. Ryota looks at her on why she's acting like that when he knows that what Midari said is true. Midari then explains that they will be playing the ESP card guessing game where they guess how the dealer is gonna line up five cards. You get a point for every card you guess correctly and whoever has the most points wins. Yumeko asks how much money is betted, but Midari tells her that money won't be a reward in this game. For each round won, the winner gets to pull the trigger of a gun they randomly pick out of a box. RYota thinks that they're gonna be using blanks or rubber bullets, but Midari shoots in between his legs proving that they're gonna be using real bullets.