Vote Rock-Paper-Scissors is a modified game of Jankenpo created by Mary Saotome. She played the game in a gambling match against Yumeko Jabami.



The game starts with 120 chips which are individually worth 10,000 yen each having a total sum of 2.4 million yen.


The game is played between two players where they need cooperation from their classmates. A voting phase occurs where at least 30 students in the class have to draw either a rock, paper, or scissors on their cards and place them into a sealed box were the players cannot see it. Then the players have to draw three cards and have to choose one to play against each other.

However, unlike Jankenpo, the cards in the player's hand is mixed rather than having a set of each type of card. As an example, a player may have two of rock and one scissors or any other combination, however having one of each is pretty rare.

If the player comes to a draw, the player has to choose a new card that they have in their hand that they didn't already use. If both players continue to end up in a draw with their next two cards then the game ends in a tie.


Yumeko Jabami observes that Mary Saotome has about 21 out of 30 classmates indebted to her so that she can rig the game in her favor, by having them all create cards of he same symbol. Yumeko also notes that Mary doesn't have a system of communication with their fellow classmates whom are indebted to her, but instead through the use of a hand mirror realizes that Ryota Suzui is the one responsible for signaling to their classmates what to draw.